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Marketing Automation - Create, Conquer, Engage, Sell
  • Automação de Marketing - Editor de e-mails

    Create your sales funnel and offer your product to all of your contact lists.

  • Automação de Marketing - Criação de páginas

    Create web pages on your own. No need designers or knowledge in HTML skills.You’ll also create a market, and convert your visitors to leads.

  • Automação de Marketing - Área de membros

    Create your course online and deliver your content to paid and free members, with a clean, intuitive interface for a premium member experience.

URL Shortener


Shorten and personalize any link. Use your own domain to create friendly links.

Marketing Automation - Scarcity Counter

Scarcity Counter

Explore the psychological trigger of scarcity by using our native feature on your pages and emails

Marketing Automation - Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

Chat with your customers and potential customers informally and effectively through a Facebook Messenger Machine

Marketing Automation - SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing*

Engage with your customers through SMS messages

*Credit packages apart from the plan
Marketing Automation - Conditional Trigger

Conditional Trigger

Avoid sending multiple e-mails on different subjects to the same lead

Marketing Automation - Many other features

...And many other features

Metrics reports
Tag Segmentation
Lead Scoring
Sub users

Automação de Marketing - integrações com outras ferramentas

Integrate leadlovers with the services you use

PayPal, Stripe and many others...

They trust leadlovers:

Automação de Marketing - Conrado Adolpho

"When I came across the sales machine I already realized that it was a successful idea".

Conrado Adolpho, Digital Entrepreneur
Automação de Marketing - Bruno Pinheiro
Automação de Marketing - Mario Yamasaki
Automação de Marketing - Pablo Paucar
Automação de Marketing - Marcelo Peruzzo

"Everytime I launch my products, they demand a lot of work, strategy and the right tools. I wanted to publicly thank Diego Carmona and Fabio Verschoor for making available in Brazil, such a complete tool."

Marcelo Peruzzo, Digital Entrepreneur and Neuromarketing professor
Automação de Marketing - Luciana Fiaux

"In 2016 I hit all my sales goals and I'm sure that using this easy to use, intuitive tool with excellent support and great delivery of emails contributes a lot for that".

Luciana Fiaux, Financial Coach
Automação de Marketing - 8 ps

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